Calendula Chronicles


“Sam’s services have enriched our lives and we are so grateful to have her as a part of our community. Their intentionality creates a positive ripple effect that moves far beyond their physical presence and hands on help in our home! They are a well of wisdom, understanding and creativity with the heart of a teacher. Thank you for all you have offered us on our parenting journey and for setting us up for success.”
- Victoria, Jared and Atticus (pictured on the right)
"Sam made me feel very important and comfortable along this process. She put every detail into making sure my birth plan was what I wanted. She was wonderful at making magnificent art out of my placenta. Also she made the placenta into pills which helped my postpartum depression. Hands down would use her services again. She is very professional, encouraging, gentle and very thoughtful."
Michelle Sommers, Ezra James (pictured)