Calendula Chronicles

Services Available

Rate subject to change based on location and circumstance, trades considered

Prenatal Care

Two prenatal sessions where we can explore together your questions, curiosities, and concerns; we design a birth plan and foster a sense of confidence, reassurance, calmness, and kindness

Herbal remedies provided as needed

During Birth Care

On-call 24 hours a day for two weeks during the time of your due date. We become a team during your birthing experience, and I stay one or two hours after the birth of your new baby, then leave you all to bond over the next few days

Postpartum Care

Two postnatal sessions are scheduled where one is a few days after your birth and another one a few weeks later to listen to your processings, provide insights, and admire your sweet new family. My services as your birth doula would officially conclude at 6 weeks postpartum

Placenta Pulse

Placenta encapsulation is a process that is conspiring to empower womb people and their self-made medicine to re-meet during postpartum
The placenta is honored in many different ways all over the world. Unfortunately, in the U.S. the placenta has lost its value as it is considered biohazard waste.

By taking this action of self-care you are contributing to the revitalization of womb power, value, and magical abilities.

Mentored by Audrey Rees of Rooted Medicinals who is a mother and a soon to be practicing midwife. She has passed on her training of the traditional Chinese method of preparing the placenta and encapsulating it into pill form. These capsules will benefit you through postpartum recovery with some remaining for future use. These capsules last indefinitely, and you can save them for other potentially challenging life transitions such as menopause.

Thank you for being open minded and remembering your role in nature’s medicine to balance and aid you in your transition into parenthood.
On the right is a photo of a placenta print that comes with your placenta encapsulation along with an umbilical cord keepsake!