Calendula Chronicles

My Birth Story

Erika Carrillo is my mother’s name, and she was 19 when she became pregnant with me. I was born at Pomona Valley Hospital in Los Angeles County. Seeing her resilience in raising us so early in her life has allowed for me to learn many lessons through witnessing her struggles and triumphs. Seeing her complete nursing school while also making sure dinner was cooked for all of us was a modeling to me of maintaining commitment and dedication to all things that bring acknowledgement to our inspirations. I got the chance to drive my mom to the hospital for my little sister’s birth when I was 17 years old. To be a sister to my mother while also being her daughter has influenced my inspiration and motivation to be there for other people birthing at this time in the world. Looking back now, that was my first doula moment. 

My father’s name is Jaime Davalos, and he was 20 years old when he became a father to me. He has provided for himself and our family with such passion and perseverance that I see his work ethic reflected in my studies and career. We have grown so much together on our journey of traversing our devotion to our worldviews. We have learned to have compassion for each other, and we are consistently arriving at a place of deep respect that stems from understanding that we both care about many things in our own ways.

Together, Erika  and Jaime, they have taught me that starting a family requires a village. My grandmothers, Maria and Norma, and aunts, Vicky, Paloma, Mary, and Elizabeth, have played an enormous role in supporting and encouraging the continuity of our childhoods to be in accordance with feelings of being seen and nourished. If you are ever invited to my family’s homes you will always be welcomed with warmth and asked, “As comido? O tienen hambre?” “Have you eaten? Are you hungry?”